How to Ace your Zoom Interview

Be well-dressed

Even though only half of you is on camera, looking presentable goes a long way with first impressions! Business attire is always encouraged.

Quiet environment 

Make sure that you are in a space where you can guarantee that you will be alone with no distractions or interruptions.

Be yourself

Lose the script. Employers can always tell if your eyes are somewhere other than the screen. Trust yourself and practice, practice, practice!

Be prepared

Make sure that you are connected to a stable network. Always check connections before you get online!

Punctuality is key

Make sure that you are on time for the interview. Early is always better.

Background check

With Zoom interviews, we understand that you may be in a variety of different environments. Use the Zoom Blurred Background effect to your advantage so that your interviewer can focus only on you.

No phones!

It’s best to give your full attention to the interviewer. Again, if your eyes are elsewhere, we can see that. The only exception is for notes or to have it close by in the case of a connection mishap with your computer.

Be aware

If you’re taking notes on your laptop, your interviewer may be able to hear you type. Be cognizant of the sound and consider asking your interviewer if you can take notes on your computer. Pen-to-paper is usually always better!


Be personable! Interviewers are looking for someone who can do the job but also someone who is a good culture fit.

Thank you note

And always remember, regardless of in-person or Zoom, to send a thank you note to your interviewer!


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