The Oxbridge Group has rebranded

Since 1988, Oxbridge’s mission has been to execute and deliver a service that puts people first

We are constantly finding ways to evolve and change so that we can better serve candidates and clients alike. Almost 35 years later, we’ve placed over 3,500 candidates at cutting-edge firms. As our mission stays the same, we continue to evolve and adapt to new-wave technology and increased connectivity.


To reflect our growth, solidify our position in the search industry, and further demonstrate our commitment, it was time to fine-tune our brand identity to propel us to the next 35 years.

We therefore engaged a top UK Branding Agency to design our new brand and underwent a thoughtful rebranding process exploring where we’ve been with where we’re going. As our placements began to expand to other countries, we felt it made sense to work with a team in the middle of it all. The CRUX team has not only made our vision come alive but also elevated it. Thank you for your partnership and hard work.

What’s new?


Our updated logo still drives home the foundational elements of Oxbridge, which emphasizes relationships and ingenuity while freshening the aesthetic.


While social media has always been prevalent, the COVID-19 Pandemic demanded a reliance on the internet more than ever before. Before 2020, we were able to deliver our services in a far more front-facing manner than we do now.

Our new website allows us to perform a multitude of services with just a few clicks. Everything you need to know about who we are, what we do, and who we work with are now delivered with ease. From our interactive world map of clients to our informative newsletters, we’ve created a transparent platform to keep up with Oxbridge.


LinkedIn proves to be an effective and accessible resource throughout the recruiting process. While Oxbridge continues to believe in the value of personal relationships, we will be integrating this tool into our searches to connect with more clients and candidates. LinkedIn users can now check our page to see updates from our company and get in touch with Oxbridge employees.


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